diumenge, d’octubre 05, 2003

Logitech Typeaway keyboard with the TT

Logitech ha decidit no donar suport a la versió 5 del Sistema Operatiu Palm per al seu teclat Typeaway!

He fet aquesta intervenció a PalmInfocenter (i aquí, aquí, aquí i aquí):
I use the Logitech Typeaway keyboard with the TT, but are totally disappointed with Logitech's total lack o support.

My solution is to delete complete the driver -1.2 beta- before each hotsync, and reinstall it every time I need to use the Keyboard. After reinstalling the driver, first time typing a key brings the hotsync screen, after some tries, the keyboard is usally usable !, very unconvienient.

I have written several times to Logitech in the past 4 months without any response. I do not think it is acceptable to have this driver in beta for so long time - over 12 months ! without responding messages nor making any announcement for a new release date. Logitech do not count on me. You're not any more in the pda field for me !


He afegit la resposta de Logitech.

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