dissabte, de juliol 21, 2007

Visca la república! - "No humor sense"

Reaccions internacionals al segrest de la revista El Jueves:
  • In the cartoon, a smiling Prince Felipe tells his wife: "Do you realize that if you get pregnant it will be the closest that I come to working in my life!" as the naked couple have sex on a bed. - France24
  • The cartoon on the front page of the weekly satirical magazine El Jueves depicted Prince Felipe saying sex was the closest he would come to working. - BBC News
  • In the cartoon, which referred to a new, €2,500 government bonus for every newborn child, Prince Felipe says to Princess Letizia, "Do you realize, if you get pregnant this will be the closest thing to work that I have done in my life?" - International Herald Tribune
Més: http://www.vilaweb.cat/www/noticia?p_idcmp=2488301

Note to international readers: Frequently murders and other crimes, may take 10 years or more to be judged in Spain. It's now easy to understand, as Spanish judges seem to be so busy with other urgent affairs!

Actualització 5-8-2007
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